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Recent years have witnessed an increased demand for Natural Products. In fact, the potential of natural products for promoting health, allied to a long tradition of safety and efficacy, has made them increasingly popular. This renewed interest is not only observed in developed countries (Germany, France, the United States, etc.), but all over the world. In fact, the use of Plant-Based Products is recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Natural Products include Dietary Supplements, Homeopathic Products, Infusions and Herbal Teas, as well as some Cosmetics. However, careful selection of the active principles used to produce each product is not sufficient to ensure their quality; the manufacturing process is an equally determining factor. The products manufactured by DietMed – Produtos Dietéticos e Medicinais, Lda are produced at licensed Pharmaceutical Plants and undergo extensive testing before being approved by the company’s Quality Control laboratories.

Correct storage also contributes to the quality of our products. In this sense, DietMed owns suitable facilities for this purpose. After being received in stores, products are kept under controlled conditions for subsequent shipment, according to defined rules. Temperature and humidity are measured 24 hours a day and optimum values maintained.


Determined to ensure product safety, DietMed has adopted the HACCP system, which has been developed and implemented in compliance with Portuguese and European food safety legislation.

We are committed to the quality we demand for our products. Health through Natural Products.

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